Add to Order

Here at Falk Culinair SA we strive to make this high value, high quality handmade solid copper cookware as affordable as possible for as many customers as is possible.

The best way we can achieve this is by aggressively managing our stock.  Part of this translates into fulfilling / supplying some of our products directly from the factory in Belgium.

What are the practical implications for you as customer and Falk tribe member?  The important facts are:

“Add to Cart” means that this item is in stock in our Cape Town warehouse and should be picked, packed and despatched to you by the next working day after the placing of your order.

“Add to Order” means that this item is in stock in our factory in Belgium.  We consolidate all order received each week and place orders to the factory every Monday.  In practise this means that we will receive your order between 10 and 15 working days after which it will be dispatched to you.

The advantage of this system is that we can offer you a much larger range of products. 

Does this system work and is it practical / reliable?  Well, let’s look at an actual example:

  • Received an enquiry over a weekend.
  • Confirm details and requirements via phone on Monday morning.
  • Include required pots in weekly order to factory.
  • The following Saturday morning order safely delivered to Clarens, Free State.
  • One very happy, and surprised, wife and a very happy anniversary!

We do not charge you extra for this service!  The price you see is the price you pay.  So have a look at our range of products and feel free to contact us to help you put together your customized selection of Falk pots and pans.