Our Induction Range - the details:

Our Induction Range - the details:

What is it made off?

Our new induction range is made from a new and unique multiply that is made out of 2,5mm 3 layer multiply (ferritic stainless steel 0,4mm, solid copper 1,9mm and austenitic stainless steel 0,2mm).

Why such a 3 layer?

* 0,4mm of ferritic stainless steel is the perfect thickness to have sufficient iron elements to generate a magnetic field which is required for an induction hob to transfer heat. Less ferritic stainless steel will not provide enough iron elements so the induction hob will not pass on enough heat. More ferritic stainless steel will reduce the conductivity of the copper.

* With 1,9mm the solid copper remains the dominant metal in this mulitply. The heat from the induction hob will be transferred rapidly and evenly through the entire volume of the pan. The response time is much quicker as copper is much more sensitive to heat changes, which results in more control over the pan.

* 0,2mm austenitic stainless steel is the perfect minimal thickness for the strong, permanent and inert interior layer which is easy to clean and maintain.


* a unique cladded 2,5mm multiply that works directly on induction.
* a quality and durable product based on cutting edge cladding technology.
* a distinctly brushed copper finish make these modern pans stylish with a traditional touch.
* a slightly lighter pan than our other 2,5 bimetal series.
* the current copper lids to match the pans.

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